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Do you want to live your best life, TODAY?

If you answered a resounding “YES” to that and you’re also someone who wants to:


  • live a vibrant, fulfilling, and productive life at home, or

  • achieve a successful career, or

  • build a business that has an impact


...but you’ve struggled with fears, doubts, shame, limiting beliefs, or bad habits then this introductory video series on the A - Z of Personal Leadership Success is absolutely for you.


Here’s why...


When it comes to living our best lives, we face two significant challenges.


First of all, many of us try to live our best lives by influencing, managing, and controlling our outer world before our inner world. This is a huge and monumental mistake. I’ve been studying and working with leaders for more than two decades now, and the truly effective and inspirational leaders all point to the fact that in order to have real and sustainable success you must have the foundation of personal leadership in place. This is as true for high performers as it is for leaders. Stephen Covey, author of the highly acclaimed 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, puts it this way, "private victory precedes public victory." 


And therein lies the even bigger challenge - that private victory doesn't come easily. Well, certainly not without a pretty intense battle. And that’s because we all face something called the Wall of Personal Opposition™ - a fierce combination of the fears, doubts, bad habits, limiting beliefs, and shame that get in our way and stop us from living our best lives. Sadly, when that happens, the world is robbed of our potential, robbed of our full impact, robbed of something special, something real, something that could benefit our relationships, benefit our workplaces, benefit our customers, our societies, our world. 


What we need is a BREAKTHROUGH!


I often think a breakthrough is best symbolised by the fierce struggle a butterfly goes through when it's trying to break out from the chrysalis as it's being transformed from a caterpillar. The mindset and actions that help you as a caterpillar don’t help you thrive as a butterfly. You’ve got to adopt new and empowering beliefs and you’ve got to adopt new strategies and behaviours in order to thrive.


Now, you’re probably thinking, “Obi, ok, I hear you. I’m intrigued, but what exactly is Personal Leadership and how does that help me with my fears and doubts?”


I’m so glad you asked. I’ll answer that and a few other questions for you...

What is Personal Leadership?

Personal Leadership can be defined in many ways and is all about:


Having a very clear personal vision and set of values that guide all that you do

Looking Out to the Lake

Developing and maintaining a high degree of self-awareness

Discovering, developing, and investing your talents in a way that maximises your performance

Toy Plane

Effectively managing your behaviour and response to pressure, stress, and other difficult circumstances

Wandering Traveler

Cultivating the self-discipline of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done

Fall Foliage

Engaging in continual learning

Personally, I like to summarise all of that in a simple definition that goes like this:



"Personal Leadership is knowing and doing what’s most important so that you live your best life, today.”

You’ll notice that I didn't say “tomorrow”. TODAY! And, it’s not about living someone else’s best life. No, it’s about living YOUR best life! And the principles of Personal Leadership help you do just that.

Sounds cool. So what exactly do you cover in the series and how will it benefit me?

In this introductory video series, the A - Z of Personal Leadership Success, I share 26 principles to help you achieve a breakthrough in your Personal Leadership. These principles will help you break through your Wall of Personal Opposition™ so that you can live a more vibrant, fulfilling, and productive life at home, at work, wherever you are.

All of the 26 principles that I share with you in this series are designed to equip you in one of 3 critical areas:

  1. Developing empowering beliefs

  2. Taking the right action

  3. Embracing the power and importance of time

That means you’ll gain strategies for:

  • Turning your fears into courage

  • Taking action despite the doubts that you face

  • Creating a more compelling and empowering internal dialogue that inspires you to give your best every day

  • Drawing value and insight from your challenges, mistakes, and failures

  • Pursuing goals with dedication, passion, and energy

  • And more...

Black Chess Pieces
Colleagues Working Together

Ultimately, people with strong Personal Leadership competencies:

  • Experience greater confidence in handling new tasks and new roles

  • Achieve better results and perform tasks to a higher standard

  • Build healthier and stronger personal and professional relationships

  • Contribute to a highly professional work environment

  • Experience greater resilience to change and stress

  • Lead and motivate others more effectively

  • Live more vibrant, fulfilling, and productive lives

Ok. You’re getting me really excited about Personal Leadership and the potential of this series, but will it really make a difference in MY life?

Hmmm… You got me there. How do I answer that one? Well, perhaps I don’t need to. Here’s what other people are saying about the A-Z of Personal Leadership Success series so far:

It's impossible to listen and watch you, Obi, without getting a wee high!  Thanks for sharing an important message with clarity and passion.

Anne-Marie Davies

Well done Obi! Loved it.

Bola Ogundeji

Hey Obi! Dude, I love this.

Jim Alexander

Great video, Obi Abuchi, a good challenge for us all to make our own circumstances.

Lee Hazzard

Thanks Obi! Look forward to hearing all the other principles too!

M. Cox

Inspiring! Love it. Here’s to the next video. Can’t wait!

Georgia Rothon

Love it! X

Magda Forrest

Sooo inspiring! Well done! I love the fact that you not only talk the talk but also walk it! Look forward to learning lots!!!

Ronke Kokoruwe

Looking forward to the next video.

Lareen B. Gore

Believe it or not, that's only after watching the first 4 videos!


Now, I haven't shared these comments to impress you, but I do want to impress upon you the importance of taking action today so you too can ram your way to a breakthrough.

Amazing! Now, I’m totally convinced. What’s next and how do I sign up?

Access to the introductory series (via my Personal Leadership Video Channel) costs £24.97, including a free downloadable workbook.



In other words, you get to experience a breakthrough in your Personal Leadership for less than a week's worth of Americanos at your favourite coffee shop.


Oh, one more thing, if you don’t think it’s worth more than 10 times that after going through the entire series then you’ll get your money back. No questions asked!

So, if you’re serious about living your best life, don’t delay. Sign up today and you'll receive a link to download the workbook and get access to all the videos.


Here’s to living your best life, TODAY!

Ps. Your bank/card statement will show CORE Leaders International Ltd as the recipient of this payment.

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