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What is at the Heart of Effective Leadership?

Updated: May 24, 2019

"The hardest victory is over self." - Aristotle

From nation building to family building, from community development to business development, from commanding an army unit to managing a classroom, from increasing market share to increasing organisational performance, in the boardroom and in the home, John Maxwell’s maxim, “everything rises and falls on leadership,” holds true.

If leadership is so important, what is at the heart of effective leadership? Where does it all begin? With Vision? Values? People? Charisma? Actually, Aristotle, the Greek Philosopher, said, “The hardest victory is over self.”

Great leaders have recognised that their most significant challenge isn’t leading and taking responsibility for others, but leading and taking responsibility for themselves. And therein lies the heart of successful leadership - Personal Leadership.

But, Personal Leadership isn't just the heart of successful and effective leadership, it is the foundation for success in ANY role – as a parent, community leader, entrepreneur, manager, business leader, team leader, high performing employee, or student.

Personal Leadership means:

  • having a very clear personal vision and set of values that guide all that you do

  • developing and maintaining a high degree of self-awareness

  • discovering, developing, and investing your talents in a way that maximises your performance

  • effectively managing your behaviour and response to pressure, stress, and other difficult circumstances

  • pursuing goals with dedication, passion, and energy

  • cultivating the self-discipline of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done

  • maintaining your integrity in all that you do

  • engaging in continual learning

  • owning your emotions

Personally, I like to summarise all of that in a simple definition that goes like this:

"Personal Leadership is knowing and doing what’s most important so that you live your best life, today.” - Obi Abuchi

People with strong Personal Leadership competencies:

  • experience greater confidence in handling new tasks and new roles

  • achieve better results and perform tasks to a higher standard

  • build healthier and stronger personal and professional relationships

  • contribute to a highly professional work environment

  • experience greater resilience to change and stress

  • lead and motivate others more effectively

  • live more vibrant, fulfilling, and productive lives

So, if Personal Leadership isn't something you've ever taken seriously, now is the time!


Do you want to experience all the amazing benefits of Personal Leadership? Check out my free video series on the A - Z of Personal Leadership Success.


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