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People with strong personal leadership competencies...

  • Experience greater confidence in handling new tasks and new roles

  • Achieve better results and perform tasks to a higher standard

  • Build healthier and stronger personal and professional relationships

  • Contribute to a highly professional work environment

  • Experience greater resilience to change and stress

  • Lead and motivate others more effectively

  • Live more vibrant, fulfilling and productive lives.


Clarify your vision and values

Looking Out to the Lake

Maximise your talents and performance

Manage your behaviour and response to stress

Toy Plane

Pursue compelling goals

Wandering Traveler

Interested in Personal Leadership Coaching?

Personal Leadership Coaching will help you to:


  • have a very clear personal vision and set of values that guide all that you do

  • develop and maintain a high degree of self-awareness

  • discover, develop, and invest your talents in a way that maximises your performance

  • effectively manage your behaviour and response to pressure, stress, and other difficult circumstances

  • pursue goals with dedication, passion, and energy

  • cultivate the self-discipline of doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done

  • maintain your integrity in all that you do

  • engage in continual learning

  • own your emotions.

Personal Leadership Coaching Programme

This programme is transformational, but not for the fainthearted.


"Personal Leadership is knowing and doing what's most important so that you live your best life, today."

Obi Abuchi

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